Precium offers the following suite of services

  1. Creation of bespoke finance-related software tools

  2. Creation of predictive forecasting tools

  3. Pricing and valuations for companies, options, derivatives and property

  4. Comprehensive financial modelling and independent model reviews




  1. Data gathering (financial and legal data) to support commercial litigation, strategic negotiations and white-collar crime investigations

  2. Companies forensic financial research

  3. Individuals research and creation of key-man profiles

  4. Traditional and social media tracking, data collection and analysis

  5. Pattern analysis to decode and rank probabilistic scenarios

  1. Acquisitions, premised on either arbitrage or our value-add, in  listed and unlisted companies within South Africa.

  2. Identification and analysis of acquisition targets fitting client's selection criteria

  3. Creation of highly detailed transaction information memoranda and investor presentations

  4. Strategic assessment and review of commercial legal documents